Ginger Deverell

Ginger Deverell

Ginger Deverell is an illustrator and surface designer who creates enchanted and delicately wild hand-painted artwork for paper, fabric, décor, editorial and children’s products. She primarily uses watercolour, gouache and digital editing, and often incorporates paper collage, acrylic and other media. Ginger makes art to carry people into beautiful and dreamy imaginary places. Her inspiration comes from flora and fauna, bohemian and vintage aesthetics, eastern architecture and childlike wonder. She has been drawing, painting and making things with her hands since she was a young girl.

She explored dance, art, design, communication and publishing in University, including studies abroad in the Czech Republic and Italy, then went on to pursue a career in graphic design before discovering her true passion for surface design and illustration. She has travelled to artist retreats in Morocco, the USA and within Canada, and has studied with Make It In Design, Victoria Johnson, Make Art That Sells, Mati Rose and Faith Evans Sills. Her art has appeared in the TV show Impastor (Viacom Media), and was featured in 2020 on the highly regarded Print and Pattern blog. She has been commissioned for custom illustrations and paintings, and produced her own small product line which sold in boutiques across Canada.

Ginger loves wandering, nature, sewing, reflecting and journalling, curling up with a good book and surrounding herself with beautiful fabrics, paper products, art, home decor and trinkets. She also loves the cultural experience of travel and wandering through the markets of eastern countries, and when that’s not possible, keeping the aesthetic of this in her life.

In her personal time, she can be found hiking in the rainforest with her family and their dog, reading with her son, doing kundalini yoga, and painting loose and free abstract marks in her favourite uplifting colours.

She works from her early 1900’s attic studio in New Westminster—on the outskirts of Vancouver, on the west coast of Canada.